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After a few months I finally had some time to play with my TezuFuji sims again. I really missed playing with them! So here are some pics of them. I hope you like them ^__^

Wanna see how sim!Tezuka and sim!Fuji are doing? )

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Yes, here is the next part XD

But I first want to tell you that I won't have much time the next few months, so it will probably take a while before I can update pics again. It will probably also take longer before I can answer all your emails and messages and I won't have much time to read your fics (but I will read them all XD).

Well, I won't have much time because students in the Netherlands have to work at a company or institute for a few months. Tomorrow I'll start working at the Institute of History and Culture. I'll work there 5 days a week and it's not really close to my home. That's why I won't have much time, until April >__< I hope I will have time to write!

Okay, enough rambling for now, let's start with the TezuFuji sims pics! 

Here we go )

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I finally had some time to play this weekend, so I played a lot!
Please tell me if you like to know more about the TezuFuji sims. If people like it, I will keep posting pics. Otherwise I stop, because it's really much work XD;; I don't really mind doing much work, but only if there are people who like to see the pics XD

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Some of you know I love the Sims 2! Together with my love for TezuFuji, good things happen! XD XD

A Sim TezuFuji love story )