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Title: Predictor of the Future
Writer: Tacuma811
Pairing: Perfect Pair
Chapter: 28
Genre: AU, romance, friendship, angst
Word count: 1916 words
Rating: NC-17!
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis
WARNING: This chapter contains sexual content.

This is the final chapter. After this it's all over! :(

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Chapter 28

Tezuka kept his promise that night. He still had some things to do, but he made sure he finished everything quickly, so he could go to his room early. Fuji was already there, reading a book on the bed.

'You're already here!' he said surprised when Tezuka came in so early. 'I wanted to prepare something sexy, to make it a bit easier for you.'

'You're sexy enough,' said Tezuka. 'You don't need anything extra.'

'But a few candles and some tiny nightgown wouldn't have been bad, right?' Fuji asked as he threw his book aside and climbed off the bed.

'It would be, but we can do without it.'

'You're not a very romantic person, Tezuka Kunimitsu,' sighed Fuji as he hugged his boyfriend and kissed him.

'You knew that when you became my lover,' said the taller man. 'Don't start complaining now.'

'Then show me you can do this without any special romantic things,' whispered Fuji.

Tezuka lifted Fuji in his arms and carried him back to the bed. He gently laid him down. He was in no hurry at all. He lay down next to him and they wrapped their arms around each other. They kissed sweetly. Their kisses were slow, but they got faster and more heated, mostly because of Fuji.

'Are you nervous?' the Seer asked.

'Not too much,' said Tezuka.

Fuji laughed. 'That's a 'yes' then. Your kisses are different. I'm a bit nervous too, but I prepared some things, so let's both relax?'

They did. Their kisses continued, but this time it were the kisses they were used to. They both forgot about the things they were going to do and that made them both feel better. Tezuka's hands that were fumbling with the buttons of Fuji's shirt were a sign that they were ready for the next step. Fuji didn't hold back anymore. He let his hands roam over Tezuka's back and arms while he let himself get undressed. Tezuka's hands were shaking a little, but Fuji didn't say anything. He just let him take his time until all buttons were undone and Fuji's shirt was off.

Fuji guided Tezuka's hands to his pants so he could take that off as well. He didn't mind that he was going to be the only one naked. He knew Tezuka would be nervous about being naked, so if he was naked first it might be less embarrassing for the older man. Within a few minutes the pants were on the floor with the shirt and Fuji was only in his underwear. He shivered. It was a little cold without clothes, so he pulled Tezuka in another kiss.

'Want me to undress you?' he asked when they broke the kiss?

'I'll do it myself,' said Tezuka. But Fuji stopped him.

'You're not done with me yet,' he smiled.

Tezuka gulped. He hooked his fingers behind Fuji's underwear and slowly pulled it down. His eyes were drawn to the place where the last piece of garment had been just seconds ago. He looked at Fuji from head to toe for a few heartbeats.

'You're beautiful,' he said. 'All your scars are gone. Your skin is perfect again.'

'You don't think it's kinky if I would have a few scars?' Fuji grinned.

Tezuka shook his head. 'No, scars are for rough men, not for beautiful ones like you.'

'Then don't make any scars on me tonight,' Fuji whispered in Tezuka's ear. 'Or aren't you a rough man? Undress and show me already!'

Tezuka quickly got out of his clothes and threw them on the floor, next to the Seer's clothes. It took him only a few seconds to join Fuji on the bed again, not giving his boyfriend much time to look at him. Fuji grinned and pushed Tezuka on his back. He wanted to take a good look at his lover too.

'Can't I see you?' he asked.

Tezuka let him, even though he thought it was embarrassing, but he had taken a good look at Fuji as well, so it was only fair.

'Nothing to be embarrassed about,' said Fuji. 'You are even bigger than I imagined. You should be proud! I sure am proud of that.'

Tezuka took his glasses off. That made things a little easier for him. Things weren't completely sharp anymore and it was easier to do this all with blurry vision.

'How do we continue?' he asked softly, a bit ashamed he didn't know.

'You don't know?' Fuji asked. 'You know how things work with a woman?'

'I do,' said Tezuka. 'I know how to do that with a man too, but…. I don't want to hurt you. My father gladly wanted to explain everything to me, but I told him he didn't need to.'

'And now you regret it,' smiled Fuji. 'But I told you I prepared everything, right? So why don't you try to turn me on? I'm sure you will be able to.'

Tezuka wasn't that shy anymore. Within a second he had turned their positions and Fuji was pinned underneath him on the bed. With one hand he grabbed Fuji's penis and he softly stroked it. Fuji let out a soft moan when Tezuka took action. He hadn't expected that, but he loved it. He loved it even more when Tezuka started to kiss him and his other hand found his way to Fuji's chest. It didn't take long before the older man was playing with the Seer's nipples and they were both enjoying it.

'Tezuka, stop,' Fuji begged. 'You're too good and I'm not used to this. I don't want to end this already. How come you are so good? Did you practice?' Fuji was panting a little from all the lovely attention he had gotten.

'How could I have practiced?' asked Tezuka. 'We have never done anything.'

'You could have practiced on yourself!' laughed Fuji.

'No, but you are nervous too, aren't you?' asked Tezuka.

'I am,' said Fuji. The smile was still on his face, but it was a lot smaller than before. It was obviously a nervous smile.

'Don't be nervous, not when you're so turned on,' Tezuka said. 'Lay back, relax and explain what you want me to do.'

'You have to get the bottle from the table,' said Fuji.

Tezuka got up from the bed and went to get said bottle. He looked at the liquid inside it, but it didn't seem very special, only that it was a bit thicker than water.

'Put some on your fingers,' said Fuji when he saw Tezuka's confused look. 'Not too much, you can take more if you need to, but it will be cold.'

Those words confused Tezuka even more, so Fuji turned on his belly and stuck his ass in the air. Tezuka looked at it for a second and then he understood.

'I put my fingers in, right?' he asked, just to be sure.

'Yes,' said Fuji. 'Be careful, please.'

The Seer was nervous because he was afraid it would hurt. But Tezuka was really gently. He slowly pushed one of his fingers inside and it went in quite easily. Tezuka moved it around a little, spreading Fuji a little wider. It felt weird to do this. This was Fuji's butt, which was incredibly sexy, but it was sucking his finger in. Tezuka added another finger. It was a bit more difficult to move them now, but the liquid made it easier. The third finger seemed impossible, but he managed. He heard Fuji let out a cry of pain, but immediately after that he was told to continue, so Tezuka did that, only even more careful than before.

'You can stop,' said Fuji after a while. He turned back around as soon as Tezuka's fingers left his body. He grabbed the bottle, put some of the liquid on his hands and took Tezuka's hard on in his hands. The Seer coated it with the liquid and then looked at his lover.

'I know this is going to hurt, but I know it will feel better later.'

'Just tell me when to stop,' said Tezuka. 'I will stop if it hurts.'

Fuji lay down on his back and spread his legs. Tezuka bend over him, but he didn't push inside. Instead he started to kiss Fuji and entangled their fingers. He made Fuji melt into the kiss and forget about any pain that could come. With one hand Tezuka guided himself inside. He gently started to push when he felt the entrance. There was resistance, but Tezuka didn't stop. He pushed until the head was inside.

Fuji cried out when that happened. It was painful, but Tezuka let him adjust to it and only continued to push in when he knew Fuji was feeling better. He paid attention to all Fuji's reactions and encouraged him to relax. Fuji tried his best to get the tension out of his muscles and in the end he succeeded, because Tezuka was buried completely inside him. They were both panting when they looked each other in the eyes. They exchanged a smile and they both knew they were ready for it.

Tezuka started moving. Slowly at first, but when Fuji asked him for more and to go a bit faster he did so. He knew there had to be something inside his lover that could make Fuji feel good. He aimed for different spots until he found it. He knew perfectly well when he hit the spot, because Fuji moaned loudly and was practically begging him for more.

It encouraged Tezuka to continue. He thrust faster and faster until he was almost slamming inside Fuji. The only sounds in the room where the slapping of flesh against flesh, their heavy breathing and their moans. They tried to kiss, but their movements were too wild. Instead Tezuka moved his hand to Fuji's crotch and started to pump him. There was no rhythm at all. They just moved to the pleasure and tried to get more and more of it.

As Tezuka kept hitting that spot inside Fuji, the Seer was coming close to the edge. Another hard thrust and he climaxed with a loud cry in Tezuka's hand. Tezuka thrust a few more times. It was hard to push through the tightened muscles, but it drove him over the edge as well, spilling his seeds inside Fuji's body.

Tezuka fell down on the bed next to Fuji. They just lay there for a few minutes until they both caught their breath. They were tired, but satisfied.

'We should have done that earlier,' said Fuji as he snuggled close to Tezuka. 'It's probably better than knowing about whatever future there might be.'

'I can't say,' said Tezuka. 'But it was the best thing I ever did.'

Fuji smiled. 'You are a natural talent.'

'I didn't hurt you?'' Tezuka asked.

'You did,' said Fuji honestly. 'But a little pain isn't going to kill me.'

'I'm glad you could enjoy it as well,' said Tezuka and he pulled Fuji a little closer. 'I love you.'

'I love you too,' whispered Fuji. 'You never said that to me before.'

'I loved you before.'

'I know,' smiled Fuji. 'I can still see the future and the past. I can see you loved me before.'

'You didn't lose your ability?' Tezuka asked a bit surprised.

'No, I still have it,' answered Fuji.

'If only we had known,' sighed Tezuka. 'We really could have done this before.'

The End

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Posted by [identity profile] sanjyuichi.livejournal.com
I know this is a really late reply but thanks so much for writing this. I had fun reading it eg I really like the idea of a clairvoyant Fuji, the setting etc. The fandom isn't very active anymore but they're still my number 1 OTP even after so many years, so it's nice seeing someone still writing about them. :)


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